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What Can The Hotel Industry Learn From The Curved Shower Curtain Rod Revolution?

The next huge issue!


This term can be carried out to almost any common factor

The next huge issue!


This term can be carried out to almost any common factor, however, within the resort industry this concept is paramount. Hotels are continuously seeking out the following excellent component. What's the subsequent good career, idea, amenity? What can be stepped forward, tweaked, or revolutionized all-collectively? In the early 2000's, the Westin Hotel chain took a simple idea from a catalog and converted the way their visitors enjoyed showers. The concept: the curved bathe curtain rod.

If you've frequented accommodations within the closing decade, you have got extra than probable taken a bath with the sort of. Maybe you've even finished a restroom redesign of your personal and installed one in your private home. They're exquisite for motels because they are capable of making interior bathe area seem a lot larger as compared to wash rods immediately. They also help guests keep away from the dreaded clingy shower curtain. It's a quite easy idea, but if you stayed at an inn inside the ninety's, there is a slim chance you will've visible one of these.

Thankfully, they're one of the most common items you'll find in Best Review Express.

When did these grow to be the same old?

You might be wondering what a few genius inn tycoon with a crack R&D department got here up with this concept, or a bunch of attention agencies got here collectively and brainstormed the way to trade the shower enjoy. The truth is the idea started when a Westin companion befell to be perusing thru a catalog.

When she stumbled upon this revolutionary new bathe rod, she handed the design alongside, which made it's manner to the desk of Westin's CEO, Barry Sternlicht. Sternlicht described how the idea went from concept to implementation, to completely revolutionizing the hotel enterprise.

One of our quality innovations got here from one in all our buddies in Canada who came about to word a curved bath rod in a small toilet catalog. It changed into a secure little object that value handiest approximately $13, however, it unfolded an entire lot of area interior a full bath.

We took a have a look at it and in no time made it one among our standards, however of a path, everybody else picked up on it.


It changed into something that appeared obvious. However someone noticed it, our structures captured the concept, it made it to my desk after which we implemented it... It was one in a series of consistent changes had to maintain our brand on the top and relevant.


That's while big enterprise works best, while thoughts from the sector get to the upper part without being killed along the manner. When the reviews of your clients and your body of workers have the hazard to make your product a little higher each day."

What does the curved shower rod ought to do with Plus Blue?


Now, you are probably asking yourself, why am I studying about a bath curtain on a portable charging business enterprise's weblog? They have nothing to do with each other. Maybe not before everything, but if you reflect consideration on how the curved shower curtain rod went from a bit acknowledged catalog object to a trendy in each Westin hotel, then you might apprehend where I'm headed with this.

Plus Blue portable chargers can be the subsequent curved bathe curtain rod!

Individuals inside the motel industry are constantly looking for the latest, maximum revolutionary, amenities as a way to help better serve their guests. Consider transportable chargers for a moment.

It's fantastic for professionals in-city on business

Vacationers who may want to leave plugged in

And even everyday use, due to the fact all of us recognize how brief smartphone batteries can diminish.

But have you ever seen a transportable charger to your inn room? Probably now not.

In Sternlicht's quote stated earlier, he says, "of course each person else picked up on it" while speak approximately the curved shower curtain rod movement he commenced. However, he additionally stated the ones steady improvements saved his hotel's logo relevant and close to the top.

Being beforehand of the curve in a copycat enterprise can make the distinction among an inn's achievement, and failure. Lee Cockerell, former Executive Vice President of Operations at Walt Disney Resorts, describes the notion system in the back of staying beforehand of the curve:

"Look at what others are NOT doing, and capture that opportunity to do it yourself. It's the form of like how in fishing it is from time to time great to solid your line in which no person else thinks there are fish."

You could wait until other hotels enforce a service into each one in every of their hotels, or you may be one of the first movers.

Hoteliers who're seeking out the next excellent amenity to set themselves other than the competition must investigate Plus Blue's transportable chargers; they could very effortlessly be the following curved shower rod.

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